the losophē story

I’m a cocktail lover.

I love cocktails so much I spent years learning how to make them properly — first as a bartender (I never want to see a Sex on the Beach again unless I’m having it), and then as an amateur trying to mimic the pros at home.

I really went for it. Built out my bar. Bought all the fancy shit. And quickly realized that making cocktails at home is a huge pain in the ass. I loved the result, absolutely hated the mess. Sticky counters, stickier fingers. A sink full of dirty spoons and lemon-squeezy things.

So I set out on a mission — to make having a great drink at home not just easier, but way better. Not just for me, but for the world.

I found a brilliant mind to join me, and many cocktails later, my co-founder James Kim and I created losophē. Our sole purpose: to elevate ready-to-drink cocktails to new heights. We started with everyone’s favorite party companion — the Margarita. This classic has been banished to the bottom shelf, all artificial flavors and neon colors. She deserves better than that. And so do you.

We sourced the very best ingredients — organic blue weber tequila blanco, a bespoke 100% tequila-based triple sec, and organic lime. No bottom shelf junk allowed. The result is a cocktail that's organic, dye and corn-syrup free, and ready to drink right this minute. No sticky fingers required.

I could go on about how much hard work went into this cocktail — months of testing, countless trips to Mexico, hours drinking with PhDs — but you don’t care about all that. You just want to know how it tastes.

Absolutely f*cking delicious.

losophē — the philosophy of elevation.